Personal Details
Doctor Name Isha Singh
Primary Specialty DDS
University UCSF School of Dentistry


Dr. Isha Singh, originally hailing from New Delhi, India, embarked on a journey of cultural immersion early in life, residing across various regions of India. These diverse experiences have sculpted her into the compassionate and understanding professional she is today. Beginning her career in a community clinic in India, she later pursued her DDS at UCSF School of Dentistry in the US.

With a foundation rooted in preventive and comprehensive care, and her innate gentleness and patience enable her to empathize with patients’ dental anxieties, guiding them towards optimal dental health. Driven by the belief that oral health is paramount to overall well-being, she advocates for broader awareness of oral health and its correlation with general health.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Singh enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones and indulging her passion for travel. Exploring diverse cultures, reveling in nature’s beauty, and savoring culinary delights fuel her curiosity and zest for life.

Doctors Achievements

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What Our Patients Says

William Frey

The technician who cleans my teeth, Jillian, is excellent. The new doctor, don't know his name yet, who examined me after the cleaning, seems to be efficient and patient friendly.

Shahbaz Ahmed

I am going for all my dental need to this office since ten years. Whole team is very helpful & professional. I went for bridge & Dr. Hart & her staff was amazing. My whole experience from start to finish was pain free. Thanks everybody.

Robert Lane

My family recently switched from another dentist, we are so thankful we found Liberty Dental. They treat you like family. Great friendly staff also! Highly recommend!

Carole Bush

I had my second visit today. My former dentist retired and I was looking for one close to my home. The people at Liberty are very professional, competent and caring. I think I made a good choice.

Dan Ince

They are awesome. Hands down the best caring dentists I’ve ever had and I have had very bad experiences before.